Two avenues to explore with me

I teach Mindfulness Meditation and a particular type of Qi Gong called Yuan Qi Gong. My teaching style is especially suited for professionals or those with a Cartesian mindset. I teach from the heart, but also with a down-to-earth spirit that comes from my scientific training. I like to explain the why behind things, and I don’t hesitate to use a Power Point to communicate information in a clear and structured way.

Laurence Mercier salle méditation

Mindfulness Meditation

Anyone can meditate, even the most restless mind. I teach several ways to meditate with mindfulness, as well as several variations, so that everyone can find the way that works best for them. You don’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor to meditate with me, you can find the position that is most comfortable to you. Learn more about the benefits of meditation below.

Yuan Qi Gong (Ren Xue) 

Qi Gong is currently less well known than meditation, but it’s growing. The first Yuan Qi Gong methods are similar to Tai Chi: they are a series of slow, flowing movements performed while standing and can be adapted to your physical condition. The following methods are powerful meditations performed while immobile. Learn more about Qi Gong below.


I teach mainly in Quebec, mostly in the Montreal area, but Zoom courses and recordings of these courses are available worldwide. In recent years, I’ve taught in English in companies only. Now I’m slowly starting to offer my services to the general public in English. More to come in the future! If you speak French, please visit my calendar of upcoming events in French.

Mindfulness Meditation

I currently only teach meditation in French for the general public. Would you like to learn to meditate with me in English? Let me know using the contact form!

Yuan Qi Gong (Ren Xue)

I currently only teach Qi Gong in French for the general public. Would you like me to teach Qi Gong classes in English in-person or via Zoom? Let me know using the contact form!

About me

I have a PhD in engineering from McGill University, where my research focused on image-guided neurosurgery. I then worked in a corporate environment for a few years, and it was there that my passion for teaching meditation was born in 2013, when I started offering lunchtime classes to my colleagues.

In March 2014, I made a big shift and decided to leave the world of engineering research to teach mindfulness meditation full time! A few months later, I completed my certification as a meditation teacher at the McLean Meditation Institute in Arizona. Since 2014, I’ve been teaching mindfulness to the general public, in corporations, government offices, hospitals, libraries, schools, and more.

In 2022, I added another string to my bow and became a Ren Xue Qi Gong teacher. I am a passionate and enthusiastic teacher. My approach is flexible and gentle, adapting to the needs of each individual.

Méditation avec Laurence Mercier
Laurence Mercier hôpital

What is Qi Gong ?

Just like there are various forms of dance or martial arts, Qi Gong (“Qi” is pronounced “tchi”) comes in different styles. Among them, Yuan Qi Gong from the Ren Xue System stands out as my favorite and is the one I teach.

Yuan Qi Gong offers a beautiful blend of moving and still practices. There are four dynamic methods involving slow, graceful movements while standing, and four sitting meditative methods, including one that helps open the heart.

Beyond its ability to induce profound relaxation, practicing Yuan Qi Gong infuses life with a newfound vitality. Through gentle movements, it releases tension from the back and shoulders, eases joint stiffness, and calms the mind’s chatter, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

This holistic approach to Qi Gong not only nurtures physical health but also enhances mental and emotional well-being, promoting a harmonious balance in all aspects of life.

Experience a glimpse of this transformative practice by watching extracts from methods 1 and 3 in the video on the right, and don’t forget to explore more on my new Qi Gong youtube channel.

Mindfulness Meditation Benefits

In addition to reducing stress and anxiety, mindfulness can:

  • help you sleep better
  • improve cognitive functions (concentration, memory and learning ability)
  • help with pain management
  • improve overall health and well-being
  • help you get through a difficult period
  • etc.

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