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Below is a list of my standard services. Please note that I am based in Montreal, Canada, but can travel as needed. All of my services are available in French and English. It’s also possible to customize a service in terms of length or content to suit your needs.

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Here is a very partial list of the companies and organizations I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years.

About me

I’m a scientist by training. I completed a PhD in engineering at McGill University, where my research focused on image-guided neurosurgery. I then worked in the private sector for a few years, which gave me a good understanding of the challenges faced in the workplace.

In 2014, after a year of part-time teaching, I made a major shift and chose to leave the world of engineering research to teach mindfulness meditation full time. In 2014, I became certified as a meditation teacher at the McLean Meditation Institute in Arizona. In 2022, I also received my certification as a Ren Xue Qi Gong teacher.

With over a decade of experience, I stand as a trailblazer in delivering meditation solutions tailored for corporate and organizational settings. Leveraging my scientific background, I offer mindfulness meditation and now also Qi Gong practices in a practical, accessible manner, resonating with audiences seeking grounded, evidence-based techniques. 

Renowned for my dynamic presence and infectious enthusiasm, I excel as a speaker capable of captivating audiences of all sizes, whether intimate groups or large gatherings of 600 individuals.

Laurence Mercier
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